Do I Love You? (2003)

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"Marina is having a 30-something crisis. Her relationship with her girlfriend Romy seems to be good, yet she's doing everything she can to fuck it up. On a quest to unravel the riddles in her life, all the people she meets - from ex-girlfriends to a journalist who is making 'lesbian chic' work to her advantage- seem to be more successful. From Romy's perspective, they're all much better at being 'lesbians', they're possibly better lovers, and they seem to have better careers. But, of course, the truth is never so simple. Made on a shoestring budget, but with no shortage of intelligence and creativity from Gornick and the ensemble cast, this debut DV feature is the first full-length film about UK lesbian life in more than a decade." (2003 LLGFF)

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