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A Gothic Dream clues

Need help? Our video guide takes you through A Gothic Dream step-by-step.

General tips

Click the chalice icon to see what items you have collected. Use items in the chalice during the game. To use an item you have collected, drag it onto the object in the scene you wish to affect.

Outside the pub

Collect Ouija board. It will be useful in the graveyard later!

Dark alley

A key is hidden down the drain. Pick up the wrench from the station platform to open the drain manhole.

Train station

The door is locked. Click on the gargoyle plaque and move the squares into the right place to unlock the door.

Train platform

Collect the wrench on the platform bench to open drain manhole in the alley.

Train interior

Pick up the newspaper and complete the word search, by dragging over individual words. These are LOVE, DEATH, MONSTER, DEVIL and CURSE. Completing the word search releases a clue: ‘Spell AWAKE to the unnamed dead’.


Collect the rose.

Moor with the wicker man

Set fire to the wicker man using the candle collected from the house. Leave the wicker man burning. When you return to the scene a mask is revealed and can be collected.


Click on gravestones to reveal names. A letter in the house instructs you to leave a rose on the gravestone of Edward de Point du Lac. Use the rose collected on the moor to reveal a visual clue.

Second graveyard

Here are unmarked gravestones. Following the word search clue, write ‘AWAKE’ in the Ouija board, and click on the sun symbol. A ghostly soldier appears, looking for his watch. His watch can be found in the house. When you return it to him, he gives you a clue about your way out.

House exterior close up

Use the key from the alley to unlock the door.


Collect the watch to return to the ghostly soldier in the graveyard.


The letter instructs you to leave a rose on the gravestone of Edward de Point du Lac. Collect the candle to set fire to the wicker man.


Pick up the book and turn its pages for a clue on completing the puzzle. You need to complete the puzzle on the top of the box in order to open it. Start at the key symbol on the left and move to the key on the right, filling in all spaces on the box and avoiding the Egyptian eyes. The box then opens, containing two red eyes.

Egyptian room

Place the mask from the remains of the wicker man onto the mummy’s face. Add the glowing red eyes. The wall then opens revealing a piece of chalk.


A door at the end of the corridor glows, once you have completed all the puzzles. Use the chalk on the door to open it, drawing the symbol from the graveyard. This opens the door – your way out of A Gothic Dream.

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    A Gothic Dream

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