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  • 35mm Christopher Nolan meets the Quays

    Three restored 35mm prints of films from two of the world’s most original filmmakers, alongside a brand new short by Christopher Nolan.

  • The Invitation

    Games of Thrones’ Michiel Huisman stars in a chilling chamber piece from Jennifer’s Body director, Karyn Kasuama.

  • Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

    Loveable squirrel mascot Nelson Nutmeg may be in a lot of trouble in this British children’s film.

  • Beeba Boys

    A highly stylish drama about immigrant Sikh gangs fighting for supremacy on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

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The Corpse of Anna Fritz – a gruesome cadaver thriller

“I never think of this film as a horror movie; for me it’s a drama,” said director Hèctor Hernández Vicens when asked about his approach to genre at the Q&A last night following his new film, The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Many will find it hard to agree after experiencing this deliciously dark and gut-wrenchingly taut thriller, centred on the reprehensible morality of three young guys and the cadaver of a beautiful actress laid before them in a morgue, writes Ben Nicholson.

Vicens went on to confirm that he took inspiration from a newspaper story about an orderly interfering with bodies, before his fictional script snakes off into surprising twists and unashamedly distasteful territory that provided gruesome counter-programming to the upstanding Suffragette which was opening the festival across the city at the same time. Wearing a grin, actor Albert Carbó, who plays the necrophiliac orderly Pau – wonderfully described by Little White Lies’ Sophie Monks Kaufman as a “squirmier creature” – gamely tried to defend his character to a clearly unconvinced audience.

He’s one of the few ambiguous elements in a film mostly painted in broad but excruciating strokes. The tension is ratcheted by the collisions between a minimal cast and within a restricted location. With a chuckle, Vicens proclaimed his bloody denouement as “a happy ending.” Attendees will need to perform their own postmortem on that assertion.

There’s a second chance to catch The Corpse of Anna Fritz at 18:30 at RICH MIX tonight.

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