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  • 35mm Christopher Nolan meets the Quays

    Three restored 35mm prints of films from two of the world’s most original filmmakers, alongside a brand new short by Christopher Nolan.

  • The Invitation

    Games of Thrones’ Michiel Huisman stars in a chilling chamber piece from Jennifer’s Body director, Karyn Kasuama.

  • Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

    Loveable squirrel mascot Nelson Nutmeg may be in a lot of trouble in this British children’s film.

  • Beeba Boys

    A highly stylish drama about immigrant Sikh gangs fighting for supremacy on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

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Wave vs Shore - illuminating insight into a fascinating artistic movement

Dare strand documentary Wave vs Shore made its festival debut last night. Here’s Ben Nicholson on why you might want to catch it when it screens again tomorrow afternoon at the Cine Lumière.

Wave vs Shore (2014)

Wave vs Shore (2014)

“Those guys spoke neither Czech nor Slovak; they spoke Czechoslovak. It’s another language,” explained producer Zuzana Mistríková about the subjects of documentary Wave vs Shore as its post-screening Q&A drew to a close. It was an apt observation, as the film concerns a photography movement, The Slovak New Wave, which rose to prominence in the 1980s precisely because it seemed to speak a language all of its own.   

Director Martin Štrba had key insight into the group, having been a member himself. “There was a joke in the pub that [the Slovak New Wave] is what we were, and the curators saw it that way afterwards. Then the Velvet Revolution came and it was then that the work spread further.” The arresting images on display are reason enough in themselves to see the film, and Štrba channels their creative energy into a vibrant and warm scrapbook of an extraordinary and dynamic artistic reflex against the state.  

“To some extent, it was a reaction to this totalitarianism and finding a freedom through the work,” he explained, going on to elaborate on his own sense of release - for him “the Slovak  New Wave was bungee jumping.” His film evokes the spirit of playfulness and bold expression that these provocateurs embraced wholeheartedly.

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