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  • 35mm Christopher Nolan meets the Quays

    Three restored 35mm prints of films from two of the world’s most original filmmakers, alongside a brand new short by Christopher Nolan.

  • The Invitation

    Games of Thrones’ Michiel Huisman stars in a chilling chamber piece from Jennifer’s Body director, Karyn Kasuama.

  • Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

    Loveable squirrel mascot Nelson Nutmeg may be in a lot of trouble in this British children’s film.

  • Beeba Boys

    A highly stylish drama about immigrant Sikh gangs fighting for supremacy on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

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Teenage riots at LFF

Teens reign supreme at this year’s Festival – particularly this weekend. Simran Hans has been keeping track of what some of the youngsters are up to…

The Here After (2015)

The Here After (2015)

One of my festival favourites is chilly Scandinavian indie The Here After. The dark drama stars Ulrik Munther as teenage delinquent John, who struggles to reintegrate into his small-town community after doing time in prison. John’s isolation is mirrored in the sweeping, desolate landscapes of rural Sweden; the effect is a bit like a Scandinavian version of Derek Cianfrance’s The Place beyond the Pines. Munther is particularly excellent as the brooding, psychologically opaque John.

If you liked Xavier Dolan’s French-Canadian ménage-a-trois Les Amours imaginaires, you might like Eva Husson’s directorial debut Bang Gang (A Love Story), which tracks the bad habits of a sex-obsessed group of school kids determined to document their explicit exploits. Meticulously art-directed teenage bedrooms, an indie soundtrack and a whole lotta naked bodies; Husson offers a slick, stylish commentary on sex, porn and coming of age in the internet era.

Equally uneasy is Der Nachtmahr, a wacky teen thriller from visual artist AKIZ. 17 year-old Tina loves drugs, partying and EDM music, but her lifestyle takes a turn when a mysterious creature that only she can see starts plaguing her. Is the creature a physical manifestation of her psychological anxieties or a violent force to be reckoned with? With its touches of dark humour and playful references to ET, the film balances black comedy with tense horror – and a bonus cameo from Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon.

Der Nachtmahr (2015)

Der Nachtmahr (2015)

Plunging back into the present day is documentary He Named Me Malala, an intimate portrait of 18 year-old Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai. Director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) combines voiceover with footage of Malala’s family and animated sequences rendered in beautiful watercolour pencil that depict her former life in Pakistan, contrasting it with her move to England after she was shot by the Taliban at school, in her home country of North West Pakistan. Her commitment to empowering women through education, her tender relationship with her father and her crush on Roger Federer are all covered in this sweet look at Malala’s immigrant experience.

From the archives: 28th London Film Festival poster

This is what the poster for the LFF looked like in 1984, when the opening night film was none other than Gremlins!

28th London Film Festival poster

28th London Film Festival poster

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    Professional delegates

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