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Series: BFI Mediatheque
22 Mar 2010
The refurbished Wrexham Library is home to the first Mediatheque in Wales.
23 Feb 2010
An introduction to the BFI Mediatheque, an ongoing project to provides visitors free access to the largest film and television archive in the world.
17 Feb 2010
Further information on the exciting new Mediatheque offerings in early 2010.
9 Nov 2009
Mediatheque Curator Simon McCallum discusses the latest collection; an exploration of Jewish life in the United Kingdom titled Oy Britannia.
9 Nov 2009
An in-depth discussion of the December 2009 collection in the BFI Mediatheque.
9 Nov 2009
Marking the latest adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the BFI Mediatheque pays tribute to past versions of the classic Christmas tale.
24 Sep 2009
The launch of the BFI's third Mediatheque, forming a vital part of the Cambridge Central Library.