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17 Feb 2010
Further information on the exciting new Mediatheque offerings in early 2010.
9 Nov 2009
Mediatheque Curator Simon McCallum discusses the latest collection; an exploration of Jewish life in the United Kingdom titled Oy Britannia.
9 Nov 2009
An in-depth discussion of the December 2009 collection in the BFI Mediatheque.
9 Nov 2009
Marking the latest adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the BFI Mediatheque pays tribute to past versions of the classic Christmas tale.
22 Oct 2009
Under the watchful gaze of Horatio Nelson, the London Film Festival's annual free screening of short films from the BFI National Archive and London's Screen Archives once again takes place in Trafalgar Square.
15 Oct 2009
A behind-the-scenes look at the BFI's restoration of Anthony Asquith's masterpiece.
24 Sep 2009
The launch of the BFI's third Mediatheque, forming a vital part of the Cambridge Central Library.
23 Sep 2009
The BFI launches its brand new online non-fiction archive project
17 Sep 2009
As part of the BFI's This Working Life project and King Coal season, we welcome director Peter Pickering to the stage to discuss the challenges he faced whilst filming in British coal mines.
9 Sep 2009
Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall introduces a variety of works from the coalmining era to mark the launch of the BFI’s King Coal season.
9 Sep 2009
A cinematically rich season, King Coal is BFI’s showcase of the mining industry on celluloid. Patrick Russell speaks about this tapestry of historically significant films.