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18 Jun 2012
Director Matthew Akers talks about Marina Abramovic´: The Artist is Present, his documentary about the influential Serbian performance artist.
16 Jun 2012
Malik Bendjelloul discusses his documentary Searching for Sugar Man, following two South Africans as they set out to discover the fate of their musical hero.
15 Apr 2012
Julie Dawn Cole talks about her role as the bratty Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971).
26 Mar 2012
Gavin Butt and Ben Walters introduce their documentary 'This Is Not A Dream' followed by extracts of the extraordinary live interactive performance by Dickie Beau.
22 Mar 2012
Director Richard Lester receives a BFI Fellowship award following a screening of his Robin Hood drama, Robin and Marian (1976).
18 Feb 2012
Producer Lisa Bryer leads a masterclass on how to succeed in film production, citing examples from her own career.
18 Feb 2012
Writer-directors Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley discuss their Bafta-nominated debut feature Black Pond.
26 Jan 2012
Actor Jackie Skarvellis recalls the fun of shooting ultra low budget movie The Body Beneath (1970).
11 Dec 2011
Members of Lost Christmas' creative team discuss the programme, the story and its theme of loss.
7 Dec 2011
The cast and creators of Sherlock are interviewed by writer Caitlin Moran
28 Oct 2011
Alice Cooper reveals the horror films that have inspired and informed his career.
11 Oct 2011
Howard Overman joins the cast of the third series to talk about the new direction of the BAFTA-winning drama
11 Oct 2011
Lance Weiler uses his project 'Pandemic' to show the breadth of scope that stories can occupy in the modern era.
6 Oct 2011
Tyrannosaur is the critically acclaimed first feature directed by British actor Paddy Considine.
4 Oct 2011
A panel of experimental film artists discuss the influence of Maya Deren on their work