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19 Oct 2009
The first session looks at how to address a changing landscape within a festival strategy
19 Oct 2009
Part of Session Two, which looks at the way festivals can show work and engage with audiences in new ways.
19 Oct 2009
Part of Session Two, which allowed festivals to share their experiences of utilising digital techniques.
16 Oct 2009
This Festival event gave young people an introduction to short films and a festival environment.
14 Oct 2009
David Varela explores the importance of extending your vision as a filmmaker into the world of the audience, and in turn providing a more substantial and rooted experience of a film.
24 Sep 2009
The launch of the BFI's third Mediatheque, forming a vital part of the Cambridge Central Library.
23 Sep 2009
The BFI launches its brand new online non-fiction archive project
1 Jul 2009
Chief Executive of Magic Latern Productions and Co-director of Channel 4’s FourDocs, Anthony Lilley shares his visions at the BFI Media Studies Conference.