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14 Jun 2010
Panel discussion on the current state of British television with group of industry professionals.
11 Jun 2010
An interview with the creative team behind the public transport drama Donovan Quick.
2 Jun 2010
Exclusive Q and A with the team behind this special episode of Doctor Who.
14 May 2010
The creative team behind God on Trial take to the Southbank stage.
26 Apr 2010
The prolific and heralded playwright takes to the BFI Southbank stage.
20 Apr 2010
Senior Curator Mark Duguid takes a look at Second Coming, an exciting two month season of TV drama at BFI Southbank.
16 Apr 2010
The writer/director of The Market discusses his award-winning story of Turkish smugglers.
20 Mar 2010
Director Pascal-Alex Vincent and actors Alexandre and Victor Carrill discuss their affecting, emotional drama.
24 Feb 2010
The British Library plays host to a celebration of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
10 Feb 2010
Filmmaker and novelist Xiaolu Guo talks to Briony Hanson about her latest work.
7 Feb 2010
Creative talent behind the the hit BBC series Being Human take part in a Q and A during the Future Film Festival.
27 Jan 2010
The man responsible for some of Britain’s best-loved television programmes discusses his career and writing methods.
25 Jan 2010
The team behind the award winning E4 hit Skins launch the 4th season at BFI Southbank.
15 Jan 2010
Education Programmer Noel Goodwin discusses the 2010 Future Film Festival, presented in partnership with BBC Blast.
12 Jan 2010
BFI TV Programmer Marcus Prince discusses the upcoming David Renwick Season