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8 Jun 2012
Following the UK premiere of Full Metal Alchemist 2: The Sacred Star of Milos, director Kazuya Murata and producer Masahiko Minami take part in a Q&A at BFI Southbank.
30 May 2012
Director Harley Cokeliss discusses his 1981 film Battletruck, a little seen dystopian sci-fi thriller filmed in New Zealand.
3 Apr 2012
Film theorist Richard Dyer introduces the work of Vincente Minnelli, with an emphasis on the director's style and passion for design.
11 Nov 2011
Joanna Quinn (Girls’ Night Out) and Glen Keane (a veteran of many Disney films) explain how they inject human characteristics into their artwork
4 Oct 2011
A panel of experimental film artists discuss the influence of Maya Deren on their work
17 Jul 2011
The creative team behind Cars 2 take to the BFI Southbank stage.
2 Jul 2011
Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts hitRECord at BFI Southbank.
11 Nov 2010
It's Nice That presents a live version of their magazine showcasing leading work in the creative industry.
12 Oct 2010
Michel Reilhac presents the keynote address to the Power to the Pixel forum.
12 Oct 2010
Lance Weiler, MD of Seize the Media, talks about an exciting new era for writers
17 Aug 2010
Edgar Wright, director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, joins comedian-director Joe Cornish for an on-stage interview.
1 Jul 2010
A behind the scenes look at some of the incredible paper collections safeguarded at the BFI National Archive.
21 Jan 2010
Music video mavericks Roel Wouters and Jonathan Puckey discuss their tricks and techniques with comedian Adam Buxton in the 17th edition of BUG.
6 Nov 2009
Discussion of the season marking RIBA's 175th year.
4 Nov 2009
Following a screening of this revolutionary environmental documentary, urban planner Jaime Lerner tells us how he transformed his city into one of the world’s most liveable urban spaces.