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19 Oct 2011
The Ides of March was the American Express Gala on Day 8, attended by George Clooney.
14 Oct 2011
Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill take part in a Q&A following a screening of Sarah Palin: You Betcha.
13 Oct 2011
Nick Broomfield discusses his documentary Sarah Palin: You Betcha!
4 Oct 2011
Ken Loach introduces a screening of his 1966 TV drama Cathy Come Home
1 Oct 2011
A panel discussion looking at the political films of Ken Loach.
19 Sep 2011
Ken Loach describes the suppression and censorship many of his television documentaries faced in the 1980s.
11 Sep 2011
Director Anthony Baxter discusses his film You've Been Trumped.
1 Sep 2011
Ken Loach, Tony Garnett and Justin Forsyth discuss Loach's Save the Children Film (1969).
28 Jun 2011
David Hare and Bill Nighy join Mark Lawson on stage at BFI Southbank to discuss spies, research and working in film and television.
22 Jun 2011
Film historian and academic Oksana Bulgakova discusses body language in Soviet and Russian Cinema.
14 Jun 2011
Musician Ray Davies introduces Costa-Gavras' 1969 political thriller Z exclusively to BFI Members and guests.
11 Jun 2011
Spanish director Carlos Saura talks about his 1975 film Cría cuervos.
9 Apr 2011
Bernardo Bertolucci revisits his career in an interview marking a major retrospective of his work at BFI Southbank.
3 Apr 2011
The creative team behind The Owls and the director behind Hooters discuss their new films as past of the 25th BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival at BFI Southbank.
22 Mar 2011
The creative team behind Oranges and Sunshine (UK-Australia 2010) talk to Sandra Hebron at BFI Southbank.