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6 May 2010
An insightful Q and A with the creative team behind Mark of Cain formed part of a season celebrating contemporary British television writers.
27 Apr 2010
Industry professionals discuss the current state of South African Cinema.
16 Apr 2010
The writer/director of The Market discusses his award-winning story of Turkish smugglers.
14 Apr 2010
BFI Southbank welcomes cast and crew to an exclusive preview screening of the new ITV series The Prisoner.
6 Apr 2010
Producer Stephen Woolley introduces Zulu as part of the Screen Epiphanies strand.
3 Apr 2010
The critic takes a look at the BFI's upcoming selection of the best of the South African film pre and post Apartheid.
24 Mar 2010
Lynda Topp leads an hilarious Q&A session following a screening of her record-breaking documentary.
21 Mar 2010
Panel discussion looking at LGBT issues in Africa.
17 Mar 2010
Actress Tilda Swinton and director Luca Guadagnino discuss their latest collaboration.
12 Dec 2009
The UK premiere of Philippe Diaz’s End of Poverty is followed by a panel discussion on the issues this award-winning documentary addresses.
18 Nov 2009
As part of our Radical TV Drama season, Raymond Snoddy chairs a panel of guests working in broadcasting at the time of Thatcher’s television revolution
13 Nov 2009
Following a screening of their devastating borstal critique, Scum, producer Margaret Matheson and writer Roy Minton take part in an onstage Q & A.
11 Nov 2009
Director Stephen Poliakoff and cast members Romola Garai and Bill Nighy take to the stage following a preview screening of Glorious 39.
9 Nov 2009
BFI TV Programmer Marcus Prince, discusses the upcoming Radical TV Drama Season.
4 Nov 2009
Following a screening of this revolutionary environmental documentary, urban planner Jaime Lerner tells us how he transformed his city into one of the world’s most liveable urban spaces.