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16 Aug 2012
In a special event as part of the BFI's Genius of Hitchcock season, actor Tippi Hedren, the star of The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964), recalls working with the master of suspense.
10 Jun 2012
Director Shyam Benegal shares his insight into the making of Bhumika (1977), his powerful exploration of the life of a Bombay screen actor.
9 Jun 2012
Director and screenwriter Shyam Benegal, today considered the father of the 'New Wave' in Indian cinema, receives the Excellence in Cinema Award.
14 May 2012
The BFI launched its Future Plan consultation 'New Horizons for UK Film' with a presentation at the BFI IMAX in London on 14 May 2012.
3 May 2012
Curators and programmers join broadcaster Francine Stock to discuss the documentary output of the British Council, who produced over 125 cultural propaganda films celebrating 'Britishness' during the 1940s.
18 Feb 2012
Writer-directors Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley discuss their Bafta-nominated debut feature Black Pond.
11 Nov 2011
Joanna Quinn (Girls’ Night Out) and Glen Keane (a veteran of many Disney films) explain how they inject human characteristics into their artwork
11 Nov 2011
Director Cyril Frankel visits BFI Southbank to discuss his 1953 film Man of Africa
7 Nov 2011
Rita Tushingham and Murray Melvin, and cinematographer Walter Lassally take part in an onstage discussion at BFI Southbank
6 Nov 2011
Sir Alan Parker, Dexter Fletcher and Paul Murphy celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bugsy Malone.
29 Oct 2011
Renowned Russian filmmaker Alexandr Sokurov discusses his career with critic and academic Ian Christie.
11 Oct 2011
Using examples from contemporary content creation and distribution companies, Jeff Gomaz looks at the value of transmedia storytelling.
11 Oct 2011
Nuno Bernardo investigates whether transmedia is at a point where it must prove its credibility as a revenue-generating concept.
11 Oct 2011
Paddy Adams looks at the how emerging technologies are bringing the biggest brands in the world new ways to communicate with audiences.
11 Oct 2011
Rebecca Denton from Turner Broadcasting presents the animated series Gumball as an example of a new approach in children's television programming.