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29 Jan 2011
Rowan Joffe discusses his directing feature debut in Brighton Rock with star Andrea Riseborough at BFI Southbank.
20 Jan 2011
Aaron Sorkin discusses his acclaimed screenplay for The Social Network.
17 Dec 2010
Matt Lucas discusses his favourite films and his latest work.
11 Nov 2010
Steve Sale appears as superhero "SOS" to discuss his documentary Superhero Me.
8 Nov 2010
John Krish discusses his career following a screening of four of his shorts within Shadows of Progress, the post-war documentary season.
28 Oct 2010
Experts in 3D discuss the current and future use of the technology.
17 Oct 2010
John Sayles talks about his latest work Amigo.
14 Oct 2010
The Festival's second annual keynote address, given by the inimitable Ken Loach.
12 Oct 2010
Wendy Bernfeld presents tips for digital success via alternative distribution models and partners.
12 Oct 2010
The advertiser's perspective on the opportunities and challenges created by digital convergence.
12 Oct 2010
Michel Reilhac presents the keynote address to the Power to the Pixel forum.
12 Oct 2010
Mike Monello presents a keynote address to the Power to the Pixel forum.
12 Oct 2010
Writer Maureen McHugh presents Digital Shift: Writing for Transmedia.
12 Oct 2010
Waterlife, an interactive documentary with Rob McLaughlin.
12 Oct 2010
Lance Weiler, MD of Seize the Media, talks about an exciting new era for writers