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12 Oct 2010
Director Tommy Pallotta presents Collapsus, his latest groundbreaking short film.
11 Oct 2010
Michael Parkinson discusses a formidable career in broadcasting.
30 Sep 2010
Michael Caine talks about his remarkable and award winning career.
26 Sep 2010
Richard Roundtree talks about Shaft, and the most iconic role in his prolific acting career.
25 Aug 2010
Tom Harper and Jack Thorne discuss their experience of the BFI London Film Festival in 2009.
24 Aug 2010
Christophe Dupin takes a brief comparative look at Lindgren and his famous French counterpart, Henri Langlois.
1 Jul 2010
An exploration of the BFI National Archive vaults, and the processes behind ensuring film and television are preserved for future generations.
1 Jul 2010
Presenter & journalist Esther Rantzen, former Head of Drama and former controller BBC1 Jonathan Powell, Comedy & Light Entertainment producer Paul Jackson and current Head of BBC Archive and and former Controller BBC2 Roly Keating share their memories of the BBC Television Centre (opened in 1960) in a panel discussion hosted by presenter & journalist Nick Ross.
14 Jun 2010
Panel discussion on the current state of British television with group of industry professionals.
5 May 2010
A celebration of the legendary cinematographer and director Jack Cardiff.
27 Apr 2010
Industry professionals discuss the current state of South African Cinema.
20 Apr 2010
The man behind some of Britain's most innovative drama looks back at a remarkable career.
16 Mar 2010
The legendary director shares stories and insights from his remarkable career to date.
24 Feb 2010
The actor discusses his feature directorial project Don't Worry About Me, a romance set in his home town of Liverpool.
5 Jan 2010
Following a preview screening of debut feature Exam, director Stuart Hazeldine joins us for an onstage Q & A.