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1 Aug 2010
Using the BFI National Archive as its main location, The Voyage of Nonsuch is a poetic and beautifully shot essay film by artists Mirza and Beale explores the broader contexts of archives and libraries and reflects on the status of the films and books that exist within them.
1 Aug 2010
Following the premiere of Separado! Gruff Rhys, Rene Griffiths and Tony De Gattora performed live on stage.
1 Aug 2010
Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals answers questions following a screening of his documentary Separado!.
10 Jun 2010
A panel of film-makers discuss the portrayal of exiles on film.
4 May 2010
The celebrated director talks about her life and work.
20 Apr 2010
The man behind some of Britain's most innovative drama looks back at a remarkable career.
27 Mar 2010
Filmmakers Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir talk about their loving portrait of a New York lesbian couple.
24 Mar 2010
Lynda Topp leads an hilarious Q&A session following a screening of her record-breaking documentary.
23 Mar 2010
The superstar and the film's director shed light on the story behind the musician's first opera
21 Mar 2010
Panel discussion looking at LGBT issues in Africa.
20 Mar 2010
The creative team behind this deeply moving documentary take to the stage following its world premiere.
3 Mar 2010
The director/producer discusses his filmmaking career in this Q&A forming a part of the BFI's Flipside strand.
12 Dec 2009
The UK premiere of Philippe Diaz’s End of Poverty is followed by a panel discussion on the issues this award-winning documentary addresses.
14 Nov 2009
Following a screening of this inspiring historical documentary, we are joined by director Patrick Vernon for an onstage discussion as part of the Celebrating Black Cinema season BFI Southbank.
25 Oct 2009
Day 12 saw the highly anticipated Surprise Film screening.