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17 Apr 2012
BFI Creative Director Heather Stewart introduces The Genius of Hitchcock, our major project celebrating the work of the most influential and iconic British film director of all time.
7 Feb 2012
A host of special guests visit BFI Southbank to mark the occasion of Charles Dickens's 200th birthday.
28 Jan 2012
Broadcaster Mark Lawson chairs a panel discussion about the relationship between Dickens's work and television.
5 Sep 2011
The launch of Screen Heritage UK took place in September 2011.
30 Mar 2011
Artistic Director of BFI Eddie Berg talks to actor Shirley Anne Field about Saturday Night Sunday Morning for a special screening of the film for BFI members at BFI Southbank.
12 Oct 2010
Waterlife, an interactive documentary with Rob McLaughlin.
12 Oct 2010
Director Tommy Pallotta presents Collapsus, his latest groundbreaking short film.
25 Apr 2010
A panel discussion concerning the current state of British talent working in American TV.
12 Dec 2009
The UK premiere of Philippe Diaz’s End of Poverty is followed by a panel discussion on the issues this award-winning documentary addresses.
4 Nov 2009
Following a screening of this revolutionary environmental documentary, urban planner Jaime Lerner tells us how he transformed his city into one of the world’s most liveable urban spaces.
14 Oct 2009
Efe Cakarel, the founder of Mubi, reflects on the importance of community and the way that can be achieved online, in particular by looking at Mubi.
14 Oct 2009
David Varela explores the importance of extending your vision as a filmmaker into the world of the audience, and in turn providing a more substantial and rooted experience of a film.
14 Oct 2009
Industry professionals take a look at releasing films across multiple platforms, websites and devices.