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12 Oct 2010
Mike Monello presents a keynote address to the Power to the Pixel forum.
12 Oct 2010
Writer Maureen McHugh presents Digital Shift: Writing for Transmedia.
12 Oct 2010
Waterlife, an interactive documentary with Rob McLaughlin.
12 Oct 2010
Lance Weiler, MD of Seize the Media, talks about an exciting new era for writers
12 Oct 2010
Director Tommy Pallotta presents Collapsus, his latest groundbreaking short film.
12 Oct 2010
The creators of wireWAX, an interactive video tool, discuss its potential impact.
6 Oct 2010
Highlights from legendary Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci's interview at BFI Southbank.
17 Aug 2010
Edgar Wright, director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, joins comedian-director Joe Cornish for an on-stage interview.
1 Jul 2010
An inside look at the BFI's work to preserve and restore sound in film and television.
16 Apr 2010
The critic discusses the BFI's season celebrating one of France's greatest filmmakers.
22 Mar 2010
The refurbished Wrexham Library is home to the first Mediatheque in Wales.
21 Mar 2010
The Mayor of London presents London Film Day with the World Premiere of Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.
19 Oct 2009
The first session looks at how to address a changing landscape within a festival strategy
19 Oct 2009
Part of Session Two, which looks at the way festivals can show work and engage with audiences in new ways.
19 Oct 2009
Part of Session Two, which allowed festivals to share their experiences of utilising digital techniques.