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11 Oct 2011
Howard Overman joins the cast of the third series to talk about the new direction of the BAFTA-winning drama
11 Oct 2011
Dan Efergan of Aardman Animation presents the Tate Movie Project, helping children collaborate in a virtual space to create films.
11 Oct 2011
Katerina Cizek presents Highrise, an experiment in storytelling, exploring the density of urban spaces with contributors from all over the world.
11 Oct 2011
Lance Weiler uses his project 'Pandemic' to show the breadth of scope that stories can occupy in the modern era.
11 Oct 2011
Rebecca Denton from Turner Broadcasting presents the animated series Gumball as an example of a new approach in children's television programming.
11 Oct 2011
Tero Kaukomaa presents how Iron Sky, a low budget science fiction feature film, built a large online following using viral marketing techniques.
26 Sep 2011
Producer Rebecca O'Brien discusses her work on Hidden Agenda (1990).
8 Sep 2011
Neil Innes talks about his career in comedy and music at a special Flipside event devoted to his work.
5 Sep 2011
The launch of Screen Heritage UK took place in September 2011.
25 Aug 2011
Ken Loach introduces A Blonde in Love (1965) exclusively to BFI Members and guests.
25 Jul 2011
Dennis Lehane talks about the acclaimed film adaptations of his novels.
25 Jul 2011
Dennis Lehane talks about Martin Scorsese's film adaptation of his novel Shutter Island.
20 Jul 2011
Director Ken Loach discusses his career and collaborations with Nick James.
2 Jul 2011
Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts hitRECord at BFI Southbank.
24 May 2011
Dr Graeme Garden and producer Humphrey Barclay discuss their collaborations on medical comedy for television.