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27 Jul 2010
BFI Most Wanted is an initiative to find 75 lost films that the BFI National Archive wishes to preserve and protect.
14 Jul 2010
John Akomfrah discusses his film Mnemosyne, featured in the BFI Gallery.
6 Jul 2010
Curator Geoff Brown introduces the Cavalcanti Season at BFI Southbank, forming a part of the BFI National Archive's 75th celebrations.
1 Jul 2010
An exploration of the BFI National Archive vaults, and the processes behind ensuring film and television are preserved for future generations.
1 Jul 2010
An exploration of how the BFI National Archive's highly unstable and combustible nitrate film collections can be safely stored and preserved.
1 Jul 2010
A behind the scenes look at some of the incredible paper collections safeguarded at the BFI National Archive.
1 Jul 2010
An investigation of the essential processes that take place in the BFI National Archive's Wet Lab, which ensures that films are in an optimal state to be shown and enjoyed.
1 Jul 2010
An inside look at the BFI's work to preserve and restore sound in film and television.
1 Jul 2010
An investigation of the essential processes that take place in the BFI National Archive's Dry Lab, ensuring films are in optimal condition.
24 Apr 2010
The BFI launches Long Live Film, marking the 75th anniversary of the BFI National Archive, with a celebration of the beauty and danger of nitrate film.
11 Apr 2010
The Flipside is a programme of events and releases which seeks to bring obscure or cult films to the fore.
22 Mar 2010
The refurbished Wrexham Library is home to the first Mediatheque in Wales.
26 Feb 2010
Mat Collishaw discusses his solo exhibition, inspired by the films of Sergei Paradjanov, and commisioned by the BFI as part of the Parajanov Season at BFI Southbank.
24 Feb 2010
The British Library plays host to a celebration of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
23 Feb 2010
An introduction to the BFI Mediatheque, an ongoing project to provides visitors free access to the largest film and television archive in the world.