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4 Oct 2010
David Morrissey and Eddie Marsan take part in a Q & A after a preview of the TV adaptation of Mark Billingham's Thorne books.
21 Sep 2010
A preview of Julian Fellowes' new TV drama was followed by a panel discussion with the director himself, as well as cast members Hugh Bonneville, Joanne Froggatt and Executive Producer Gareth Neame.
5 Sep 2010
The creative team behind Merlin introduce their third season of mythical adventures, secrets and magic.
28 Jul 2010
Brian Clemens talks about his long and accomplished career in writing as part of the BFI retrospective on his work.
1 Jul 2010
Presenter & journalist Esther Rantzen, former Head of Drama and former controller BBC1 Jonathan Powell, Comedy & Light Entertainment producer Paul Jackson and current Head of BBC Archive and and former Controller BBC2 Roly Keating share their memories of the BBC Television Centre (opened in 1960) in a panel discussion hosted by presenter & journalist Nick Ross.
30 Jun 2010
A onstage discussion about The Sky at Night, one of the most acclaimed science programmes on British television.
19 Jun 2010
Mark Duguid is joined by the creative team behind television drama May 33rd.
14 Jun 2010
Panel discussion on the current state of British television with group of industry professionals.
11 Jun 2010
An interview with the creative team behind the public transport drama Donovan Quick.
2 Jun 2010
Exclusive Q and A with the team behind this special episode of Doctor Who.
26 May 2010
Broadcaster Melvyn Bragg reflects on The South Bank Show.
14 May 2010
The creative team behind God on Trial take to the Southbank stage.
6 May 2010
An insightful Q and A with the creative team behind Mark of Cain formed part of a season celebrating contemporary British television writers.
26 Apr 2010
The prolific and heralded playwright takes to the BFI Southbank stage.
25 Apr 2010
A panel discussion concerning the current state of British talent working in American TV.