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6 Jul 2010
Curator Geoff Brown introduces the Cavalcanti Season at BFI Southbank, forming a part of the BFI National Archive's 75th celebrations.
2 Jul 2010
As part of the Future Human season, academics Dr Patricia MacCormack and Dr Rachel Armstrong discuss cinesexuality and bioscience.
1 Jul 2010
An exploration of the BFI National Archive vaults, and the processes behind ensuring film and television are preserved for future generations.
19 Jun 2010
Mark Duguid is joined by the creative team behind television drama May 33rd.
8 Mar 2010
The world-renowned film theorist presents her thoughts on the Hitchcock Blonde.
8 Mar 2010
The writer and academic discusses his instrumental role in the creation of the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, one of the world's most prestigious celebrations of queer cinema.
23 Feb 2010
An introduction to the BFI Mediatheque, an ongoing project to provides visitors free access to the largest film and television archive in the world.
13 Jan 2010
An illustrated lecture on Stanley Kubrick’s most ambitious yet unrealised project.
11 Jan 2010
An onstage discussion of the finer points of Stanley Kubrick’s failed production.
14 Dec 2009
Eminent academic and writer Sir Christopher Frayling discusses the Spaghetti Western genre as part of the BFI National Library’s Researcher’s Tales strand.
14 Dec 2009
Eminent educationalist and writer Sir Christopher Frayling discusses the practice of researching film.