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21 Sep 2009
Part 2 of Spike Lee’s in-depth conversation with David Lammy includes his views on Barack Obama, his artistic influences and new digital technologies.
17 Sep 2009
As part of the BFI's This Working Life project and King Coal season, we welcome director Peter Pickering to the stage to discuss the challenges he faced whilst filming in British coal mines.
11 Sep 2009
Recent gem from Pixar Animation Studios Up held a special 3D screening at BFI Southbank during the onedotzero season, which featured a discussion with the Producer Jonas Riviera and the Director Pete Docter.
17 Aug 2009
Ray Greene, director of Shlock! The Secret History of American Movies, offers an in-depth introduction to BFI Southbank’s Sexploitation season.
14 Aug 2009
Terry Gilliam is on jubilant and playful form, discussing his career milestones and personal views on the film industry at BFI Southbank.
1 Aug 2009
Pedro Almodovar presents a preview screening of Broken Embraces, and discusses this latest work.
24 Jul 2009
Adam Buxton presents BUG’s 14th edition, taking a closer look at David O'Reilly's inventive animations and unique style.
23 Jul 2009
British actor and director Michael Sarne joins us for a post-screening discussion of his cult film Joanna, a 1960s celebration of miscegenation.
14 Jul 2009
Jack Bond's 1967 study of a middle-aged woman in crisis finally receives the acclaim it deserves after years lost in obscurity.
8 Jul 2009
Hotly-tipped director Duncan Jones takes to the stage following a preview of his debut feature Moon, winner of the Edinburgh New British Feature Award.
26 Jun 2009
Claire Denis, one of the most heralded French auteurs of her generation, visits BFI Southbank for a Q&A following a screening of 35 Shots of Rum.
22 Jun 2009
It was all about brotherhood at this preview of Rudo y Cursi, as the brothers Cuaron and the actors they cast as brothers - Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna – took part in an onstage Q&A.
12 Jun 2009
The Times critic Caitlin Moran hosts a special screening of Torchwood: Children of Earth, and conducts a panel discussion with its cast and creators.
9 Jun 2009
A revisiting of the 1987 portmanteau film Aria at BFI Southbank, with director guests Don Boyd, Bill Bryden, Franc Roddam, Ken Russell and Charles Sturridge.
23 May 2009
As part of the Bond and Beyond season, one of the most memorable and stunning of all Bond girls joins us for an onstage conversation.