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13 May 2009
Controversial artist and author Kenneth Anger takes to the BFI stage to discuss his seminal work Rabbit's Moon.
9 May 2009
Director Armando Iannucci speaks about his newest film In The Loop, one of the most incisive British comedies of 2009.
8 May 2009
As the centerpiece of a two-month season celebrating legendary producer Cubby Broccoli, BFI Southbank hosted a weekend-long extravaganza for Bond fans of all ages.
7 May 2009
Internationally acclaimed British director and BFI Governor Stephen Frears presents a preview of Cheri at BFI Southbank and answers questions alongside writer Christopher Hampton.
8 Apr 2009
One of the key guiding forces behind the James Bond legacy, Cubby Broccoli is the subject of honour of our two-month 007 retrospective.
21 Mar 2009
Director Ridley Scott, star Rutger Hauer and producer Michael Deeley discuss the unique legacy of sci-fi classic Blade Runner, winner of the BFI's 2008 Visions for the Future poll.
15 Feb 2009
BAFTA award winning actor Noel Clarke, guest during the Future Film Festival at BFI Southbank, speaks of his ambition and motivation.
5 Jun 2006
After its enthusiastic reception in Cannes, BFI audiences were treated to a screening of Looking for Eric followed by a Q&A with Ken Loach, Eric Cantona and Steve Evets.
5 Sep 1994
Legendary director Claude Chabrol discusses his most prolific period.
1 Jan 1970
Alberto Morais speaks about his latest work The Waves.