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14 Oct 2011
Rungano Nyoni speaks about her short film Mwansa the Great.
13 Oct 2011
On Day 2 of the LFF, the cast and writer of 50/50 took to the red carpet.
13 Oct 2011
Like Crazy Actor Felicity Jones and Director Drake Doremus take part in a Q&A.
13 Oct 2011
Writer Peter Morgan and director Fernando Mereilles talk about 360.
13 Oct 2011
Nick Broomfield discusses his documentary Sarah Palin: You Betcha!
12 Oct 2011
The LFF's Opening Night Press Conference.
6 Oct 2011
Tyrannosaur is the critically acclaimed first feature directed by British actor Paddy Considine.
5 Oct 2011
Sarah Pucill discusses the influence avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren has had on her work
5 Oct 2011
Artist Jo Ann Kaplan outlines the remarkable work of avant garde filmmaker Maya Deren.
4 Oct 2011
Ken Loach introduces a screening of his 1966 TV drama Cathy Come Home
4 Oct 2011
Terence Davies talks about his inspiration for The Deep Blue Sea.
4 Oct 2011
A panel of experimental film artists discuss the influence of Maya Deren on their work
3 Oct 2011
Carol Morley discusses her inspiration for her documentary Dreams of a Life.
1 Oct 2011
A panel discussion looking at the political films of Ken Loach.
29 Sep 2011
Spurlock discusses the challenges of walking the line between art and commerce in the film industry