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13 Oct 2011
On Day 2 of the LFF, the cast and writer of 50/50 took to the red carpet.
13 Oct 2011
Like Crazy Actor Felicity Jones and Director Drake Doremus take part in a Q&A.
12 Oct 2011
The LFF's Opening Night Press Conference.
11 Oct 2011
Howard Overman joins the cast of the third series to talk about the new direction of the BAFTA-winning drama
6 Oct 2011
Tyrannosaur is the critically acclaimed first feature directed by British actor Paddy Considine.
14 Sep 2011
Both cast and key creatives behind Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy take to the BFI Southbank stage.
12 Sep 2011
The team behind The Fades join a panel discussion about the series.
15 Aug 2011
Following a special preview of Let’s Kill Hitler, from the sixth series of Doctor Who, key cast and crew take part in a Q&A.
3 Aug 2011
As part of the Dirk Bogarde Season, Bogarde's seminal film Victim is discussed.
24 Jul 2011
The cast and crew of Horrid Henry take to the BFI Southbank stage.
7 Jul 2011
Independent filmmaker Anurag Kashyap (Black Friday, Dev D) describes the challenges of making That Girl in Yellow Boots.
4 Jul 2011
Actor Andy Serkis introduces a screening of Love is the Devil exclusively to BFI Members and guests.
29 Jun 2011
Actor Jean Kent takes to the BFI Southbank stage to discuss her role in Caravan (1946).
28 Jun 2011
David Hare and Bill Nighy join Mark Lawson on stage at BFI Southbank to discuss spies, research and working in film and television.
22 Jun 2011
Dame Judi Dench receives a BFI Fellowship.