Psychoville Halloween Special + Q and A

Two of the The League of Gentleman, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, returned to our screens last year with a new genre bending comedy, Psychoville. With another series scheduled for 2011, they were asked to fill the space between the two with a Christmas special - but it was decided that a Halloween special seemed much more apt.

Following a screening of said special at BFI Southbank, Richard Bacon chaired a Q and A with writer/actor Shearsmith, fellow cast member Daniel Kaluuya, director Matt Lipsey, producer Justin Davies, and costume designer Yves Barre. With the panel representing a range of the cast and crew, the discussion sweeps through various elements to give some sense of the whole of the production process, beginning with how they found a place between two series that are so directly sequential without diverting the narrative. We hear from Shearsmith on the commissioning process, and Lipsey discusses the collaboration between the actor/writers and the director. Barre talks about that same collaborative process with the costume design while Davies describes how production costs forced their vision to collide with reality.


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