Oranges and Sunshine + Q&A

The creative team behind Oranges and Sunshine (UK-Australia 2010) talk to the Artistic Director of BFI Film Festivals, Sandra Hebron, following a preview of the film, discussing at length the challenges and responsibilities of revealing this story of historic injustice.

First-time feature director Jim Loach talks about how he first came across the horrific realities of the child migrants in Margaret Humphreys' non fiction book Empty Cradles. Humphreys reveals that it was Loach's enthusiasm, as well as respect for, the child migrants which broke through her initial resistance to the project, and additionally how she came to realise that the film might finally inspire change after 23 years of waiting for governmental acknowledgment. Writer Rona Munro talks about the complicated process of condensing the historic events down for the film's narrative and notes that without the generosity of Humphreys and of the migrants in Australia, it would have been impossible to facilitate the audiences' emotional understanding of what happened. Actress Emily Watson also pays tribute to Humphreys' astounding work and discusses her desire to tell the universal story of mother and child with the project, rather than just perform an impersonation of Humphreys. Humphreys hopes that the audience recognise the weight on our shoulders and that the decisions we make on behalf of children are with them for the rest of their lives.


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