How I Ended This Summer + Q&A

Director Alexei Popogrebsky talks to Birkbeck's Professor of Film and Media History Ian Christie about the making of How I Ended This Summer at a preview of the film at BFI Southbank. Recently awarded the BFI 54th London Film Festival Best Film Award, the film takes place over one long day in a remote polar station in Chukotka, Russia. Here Popgrebsky reveals that his main influences for the film were diaries of expeditions, whose writers expressed how they adjusted and coped with the harshness of the polar regions. This in turn gave Popogrebsky an understanding and an appreciation of the region's slow pace, as juxtaposed with the contemporary Twitter generation. Popogrebsky also credits other Russian arctic films such as Semero Smelykh (1936 Dir Sergei Gerasimov) and The Red Tent (1969 Dir Mikhail Kalatozov) with influencing him further.


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