TV Sold to the Highest Bidder

Shunned by Thatcher as “the last bastion of restrictive practices”, the television industry underwent seismic shifts during the late 1980s. With BBC standing accused of left-wing bias and ITV experiencing a complete overhaul of its franchise system, Thatcher’s television revolution can be remembered as a landmark period in British broadcasting history. In this discussion, eminent writer and media commentator Raymond Snoddy chairs a distinguished panel of guests working in broadcasting at that critical time of television history. What follows is an enthralling insight into the workings of the television industry, it’s often fractured relationship with the dominant political parties, and the drastic differences between the industries today and twenty years ago. Panellists included: Tony Garnett (Executive Producer), Michael Grade (Executive Chairman of ITV), David Rose (Producer), and Michael Wearing (Producer).


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