The End of Poverty? + Q&A

Philippe Diaz’s groundbreaking documentary asks society a simple question: “Why must the comfort of one depend on another’s misery?” With the wealth of the world now more then ever concentrated on a privileged few, Diaz’s poignant documentary reminds us of those whose life is a daily struggle for the essentials Western culture takes for granted. Following the screening, a panel discuss the issues raised by the film, including why we are bombarded with images of famine in the media yet never enlightened about the causes behind this poverty. Possible reasons for the ever-growing gap between the haves and have-nots are also discussed, as well as various solutions for this rapidly escalating problem. Panellists include: Irene Kahn (Secretary General of Amnesty International), Clare Short MP (former Secretary of State for International Development), Colin Prescod (Chair of the Institute of Race Relations), John Hilary (Executive Director of War on Want) and the film’s director Philippe Diaz.


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