Mark Duguid on Second Coming: The Rebirth of TV Drama

Recognising the remarkable talent of contemporary British writers for television, BFI Southbank has curated an extensive two month season showcasing some of the best UK TV dramas of the last decade. Titled Second Coming after Russell T Davies' 2003 work, the name exemplifies the current state of TV drama, that is said to have entered a 'second wave' which began in the mid 1980's. Where TV drama once consisted of serials and plays, such as the iconic BBC Wednesday Play and the Play for Today, the industry has now been transformed. The end of the single play and ever proliferating TV channels have ushered in a new generation of astounding writers, a number of whom, including Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Guy Hibbert, Donna Franceschild and others, will appear onstage in the upcoming season. Here Senior Curator Mark Duguid talks through the history of television drama and the upcoming programme, highlighting key films and talks that will be taking place.


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  • Do the Right Thing
  • L'Atalante
  • Psycho
  • Separation