The Trip + Q and A

Following a preview screening of The Trip at BFI Southbank, the film's director, Michael Winterbottom, and it's two stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon took part in a Q&A. The film is a version of the 6 part series shown on BBC2, deftly distilling those 3 hours of TV into a reflective, comic and melancholic road movie. Coogan and Brydon reprise their roles as 'Steve Coogan' and 'Rob Brydon' from Cock and Bull Story, Winterbottom's inventive adaptation of Tristram Shandy.

The two leads discuss amplifying the tensions in their relationship for the cameras and letting Winterbottom fashion the chaotic meanderings of real interaction into something that proves compelling and richly funny on screen. They talk about the experience of playing versions of themselves and the importance of finding a resonance to elevate the film beyond pitfalls of narcissism and self-indulgence. For a film that refers back to a literary adaptation and suggests symbolic parallels with the lakeland poets, Winterbottom makes a surprising revelation about the true genesis of the project.


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