3D-360 Panel Discussion

Gareth M. Roberts and Barnie Cokeliss, the directors of The Mortician 3D and The Foundling respectively, are joined by Sam Taylor of Film and Music Entertainment and Angus Cameron from Vision3 to discuss 3D filmmaking. The panel attempt to dispel the myth that 3D technology is a special effects tool that simply embellishes a movie, and makes a case for its use as a powerful narrative device. Roberts talks about how it is a tool whose nuances aren't yet understood and how he made use of it in The Mortician to let the audience into the world of an isolated and lonely character. Cameron touches on the different aesthetic demands in composing 3D as opposed to 2D shots and the role that texture plays in that new system. Cokeliss describes how 3D leads to a more classic style of visual storytelling by imposing a new set of limitations on the composition of shots. The discussion shows how our natural intuitions on what 3D film might mean are misconceived and suggests that the new dimension it brings to filmmaking can be explored in personal and expressive ways to achieve a more immersive experience whatever the genre.


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