onedotzero: Protein Forum: Data Visualisation

As part of the onedotzero festival Will Rowe from Protein presents a curated showcase of some of the leading practitioners of data visualisation. Our guests describe data visualisation as a new form of journalism and as the rendering of information into artworks. It is a form that tackles the overkill of data in the digital age to communicate and reveal information in dynamic and creative ways.

Andrew Shoben of greyworld shows a work that visualises flavour by generating mini universes with different characteristics, and a work commissioned by the London Stock Exchange who wanted a living sculpture to animate the abstractions of the FTSE 100 in physical form. Peter Crnokrak from The Luxury of Protest talks about his piece "Everyone Ever in the World", an attempt to represent graphically the question of how far conflict and war has shaped human history. More broadly his study tries to explore the way we relate to numbers socially in absolute and proportional terms. Dave Bowker from Ultra Knowledge demonstrates the potential for data visualisation as meta-analysis of digital content and how it can add a fascinating new layer to the output of publications like magazines and newspapers.


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