The Social Network + Interview

Following a special screening at BFI Southbank, co-presented with The Script Factory, Aaron Sorkin joined Francine Stock on stage to talk about his script for the award winning The Social Network. The film is riding a wave of critical momentum towards the 2011 Academy awards and the BFI had the pleasure of Sorkin's company the very week he was garlanded at the Golden Globes.

Opening with the screenwriter's account of adapting a book that hadn't yet been written, we hear the full story of an unimaginably smooth development process. The situation left him free to do a great deal of primary research: meeting with people, reading whatever legal documents he could get his hands on, and taking significant inspiration from the blog posts of a drunken undergraduate who would become the youngest billionaire in the world. That level of access meant that the detail of the writing is brilliantly authentic. He articulately describes the unlikely marriage of someone who scripts people talking in rooms and corridors with a director possessed of a notorious visual energy - David Fincher. Yet the duo who gave the world The West Wing and Fight Club respectively have combined to make a pulsating courtroom drama that depicts the inception of a phenomenon that would change how the world communicates.

In this generous, insightful and funny interview, Sorkin lifts the lid on the film of the moment. He speaks with the wit and eloquence so often evident in his characters, telling the story of how he captured the guys who captured the zeitgeist.



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