The Social Network + Q and A

Following a special screening at BFI Southbank, co-presented with The Script Factory, Aaron Sorkin joined Francine Stock on stage to talk about his script for the award winning The Social Network. The film is riding a wave of critical momentum towards the 2011 Academy awards and the BFI had the pleasure of Sorkin's company the very week he was garlanded at the Golden Globes.

Responding to questions from the audience, Sorkin reflects on the events that ultimately led to Mark Zuckerberg not being involved in the film; he gives an account of the script's development and his collaboration in the early stages with producer Scott Rudin and director David Fincher; and we hear how the potential for libel in a script about litigious young billionaires meant that certain processes and safeguards were strictly followed. Finally, we are offered the writer's perspective on a line from his script that leaps off the page as glaringly epigrammatic: "Private behaviour is a relic of a time gone by". It's a line that Sorkin says is a rare example of the author's voice creeping through at the expense of fidelity to the characters. The indiscretion is forgivable. It captures the irreversible change they're about to deliver to an unwitting world, and the film portrays that daunting element of the new reality as a revelation even to them.



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