LLGFF Memories

As the LLGFF celebrates its 25th birthday, an array of festival goers, filmmakers and programmers past and present share some of their favourite memories from its first quarter-century. Programmers Brian Robinson and Briony Hansen recall the success of the first ever Sing-along-a-Sound-of Music, where a huge, enthusiastic audience witnessed a real nun winning the fancy dress competition. Comedian Rhona Cameron recalls taking a loved one to the hilarious documentary The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, about two New Zealand comics, while recent hits (A Single Man) and lesser known gems (By Hook or by Crook) are cited as favourites from festival goers.

Former programmer Jonathan Keane ends the film on a poignant note, emphasising the festival’s importance, and the significance of cinema to queer audiences: ‘film is how we make sense of who we are. We don’t see these images anywhere else’.


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  • Do the Right Thing
  • L'Atalante
  • Psycho
  • Separation