Deep End + Q&A

Actors Jane Asher and John Moulder-Brown visit BFI Southbank to discuss their 1971 film Deep End ahead of its theatrical re-release.

Asher discusses the strange experience of watching the film 40 years after it was made, while Moulder-Brown explains that he finds it difficult to revisit his work. They pay tribute to director Jerzy Skolimowski, revealing that he created an enjoyable working environment which brought the best out of everyone on set. They suggest that the film's slightly surreal tone is a consequence of Skolimowski's limited grasp of English. The director was very conscious of this, and so would send his cast home to re-write their own scenes.

The pair reminisce about working together, revealing that they got on very well from the outset. Moulder-Brown playfully declares that Asher and her character were adorable, making his job much easier.


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