Claire Denis & Tindersticks In Conversation

Director Claire Denis and musician Stuart Staples of tindersticks have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration, which they explored at length in this on stage interview at BFI Southbank. Staples was unfamiliar with Denis' work when they set out to work on Nenette Et Boni, but they quickly established what they describe as a unique connection.

Staples sees their efforts together as justification to detract them from their ongoing and individual projects, less about composing for film, rather collaboration and response, immersion and adventure. To this end Staples can intervene in the filmmaking process outside of the traditional role of composer, for example, successfully requesting that a scene be reincorporated. Denis suggests that working with Staples helps her really listen to the film, paying attention to its demands in a wholly new way. She further describes the film intriguingly as a tyrant that everyone serves, with its own demands and commands.


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