Future Film Festival: Rob Savage Q&A

Rob Savage, the 20-year-old director of the BIFA-nominated Strings, shares his thoughts on the BFI Future Film Festival.


Rob Savage is a British Independent Film Award-winning writer/director, working in shorts, features and commercials. He wrote, directed, shot, co-produced and edited micro-budget feature film Strings (screening during the Future Film Festival’s Fiction Day on 16 February) at age 18, which has screened at a number of prestigious international festivals, including Raindance and the Rome Film Festival.

How have you been involved in the Future Film Festival in the past?

Last year I was on a panel discussing making micro-budget feature films. We screened extracts from my debut feature Strings, which I am delighted to screen in its entirety at the festival this year.

How will you be involved this year?

After the screening of Strings, which recently won a British Independent Film Award and will be released in cinemas by Vertigo Films in spring, I will be taking part in a talk about how we made the film and giving advice to young filmmakers who aspire to do the same.

Rob Savage

Rob Savage

Which screenings/workshops are you most looking forward to and why?

I can’t wait to see Sally El Hosaini’s debut, My Brother the Devil, which has been recommended to me constantly since its London Film Festival screening. I recommend attending the pitching session, as a filmmaker will find themselves constantly having to present projects and pitch themselves.

Is there any advice you would give to young filmmakers?

I think that the only advice I could give with complete confidence would be this: attempt something ambitious and daring. Even if it falls short of your expectations, it will still be a colossal achievement and people will take notice.

What’s next for you?

I am currently developing my second feature film, a dark coming-of-age drama set in the south of France.

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