Video: Pythons Palin and Jones on A Liar’s Autobiography

Pythons Michael Palin and Terry Jones join other voice cast and crew on stage to discuss A Liar’s Autobiography, the ambitious new animated version of Graham Chapman’s memoirs.


Subtitled The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman, this hugely ambitious attempt to animate Chapman’s hilarious cod life story A Liar’s Autobiography Vol. VI succeeds not only in capturing the sprawling nature of the original but also manages to feature some rare insight into Chapman’s life between the tale’s surreal flights of fancy.

Fourteen different animation studios were used to tell this story and much of the fun is to be found in the cunning ways the narrative switches from one animation style to the next. But the central plank of the film is Graham Chapman himself. Utilising audio recordings he made of readings from the book, the filmmakers allow him to lead us through the wild canyons of his own mind in a series of unlikely – often hilarious – adventures. Most of Chapman’s fellow Pythons make up the wonderfully effective (and affecting) voice cast in this archly smart enterprise that really is something completely different.

Dick Fiddy

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