High-school comedy G.B.F. out on BFI Player from 21 March

The outing of a geeky schoolkid puts him in line for the coveted role of ‘Gay Best Friend’ in this new teen satire, which will be available to watch on the BFI Player the same day it’s released in cinemas.


G.B.F. (2013) trailer

High-school comedy G.B.F., a witty satire of American classroom clique culture, will be available to watch on our video-on-demand service BFI Player from 9pm on 21 March, the same day it’s released in cinemas and screened at BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival.

Directed by Darren Stein (90s black comedy Jawbreaker), it’s the story of the three most popular girls in school and their competition to bag the ultimate lifestyle accessory: a Gay Best Friend. When geeky non-entity Tanner is accidentally outed at school, he finds he’s suddenly eligible to join the ranks of the coolest kids. Tanner is swept away by competing demands on his friendship but will he forget his old pals, especially those in the closet?

Co-starring Desperate Housewives’ Andrea Bowen, Will & Grace’s Megan Mullally, Orange Is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne and Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch, the film recalls teen movie classics Heathers (1989), Clueless (1995) and Mean Girls (2004), with witty, razor-sharp dialogue and a clever take on the minefield of high-school relationships.

“I’m a huge fan of teen films – Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Dazed and Confused, Sixteen Candles, Heathers, Clueless – it’s that time in your life when you’re formed as a person,” comments the director. “It can be awkward, even painful, a time we may never want to revisit, but it’s something we can be nostalgic about and actually enjoy in a good teen movie.”

“Everyone in high school is ‘in the closet’ about some kind of perceived flaw or insecurity. G.B.F. uses the ‘gay closet’ to tell a universal story of wanting to be accepted for who you are.”

G.B.F. will be available on the BFI Player from 9pm on 21 March. The BFI Player is available on desktop, android devices, iPads and now iPhones.

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