Tom at the Farm out on BFI Player from 9 May

A young man finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of deception in Xavier Dolan’s acclaimed psychological thriller, available on the BFI Player from Friday 9 May.


Tom at the Farm (2013) trailer

A coolly emotional psychological thriller recalling the best of Hitchcock and Polanski, the latest film from Xavier Dolan, Tom at the Farm, will be available to stream on demand on the BFI Player from Friday 9 May, while it’s still playing in cinemas.

Chosen for the Official Competition of the BFI London Film Festival last year, it stars the 25-year old filmmaker (already on his fourth feature) as Tom, an advertising copywriter who, following the untimely death of his boyfriend, travels to the sparse countryside of Quebec for the funeral.

Upon arriving at the family home of his late partner, Tom is greeted with unexpected apprehension by the deceased’s grieving mother, and downright hostility by older brother, Francis. Slowly realising that the romantic nature of their relationship had been kept a secret, Tom finds himself involved in a dangerous game of deception, governed by the unpredictable and volatile Francis, who appears to be hiding a few dark secrets of his own.

With a reputation for visual opulence, Xavier Dolan’s latest sees him working from a more muted colour palette than his previous films, boldly embracing the hostility of his rural environment. While this makes for a more restrained experience, the film is no less inventive in its visual language than we have come to expect from the young filmmaker. He cleverly toys with the conventions of the psychological thriller, playing his hand close to his chest, creating an enigmatic, often challenging puzzle.

Reviewing in The Daily Telegraph, Robbie Collin wrote that Tom at the Farm is “an hour and three quarters of tense, potent pleasure: imagine a Claude Chabrol thriller half-drunk on its own feints and seductions.”

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