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16-19 year-old filmmakers across the country have presented their films at the BFI Film Academy graduation.


The BFI Film Academy 2015 graduates at BFI Southbank

The BFI Film Academy 2015 graduates at BFI Southbank

Last week 66 talented filmmakers from across the UK converged on BFI Southbank to present their films at BFI Southbank. It marked the end of a remarkable journey for the filmmakers aged 16-19, handpicked from the young people involved in the BFI Film Academies across the UK.

During an intense two-week residency at the BFI Film Academy – craft skills course, delivered by the National Film and Television School (NFTS), these 66 filmmakers were divided into groups to specialise in a particular craft and create the six films – the graduation ceremony was the first time they had seen them on the big screen.

The films range from a romantic comedy (Jigsaw) to a gritty urban drama (Shards), from an intimate character study (The Last Birthday) to a minimalist sci-fi (Möbius), from a fantasy-tinged drama (The Enchanted Rose) to a black comedy (Afterlife). All will be acquired into the BFI National Archive, and all will be available on BFI Player later in 2015.

Poster artwork for the six graduation films for the BFI Film Academy 2015

Poster artwork for the six graduation films for the BFI Film Academy 2015

The graduation marks the filmmakers next step closer to a career in the industry. At the event, BFI Chairman Greg Dyke was joined by Hope Kemp, a graduate from the 2013 academy, who is already working in the film industry, and offered the following advice to this year’s alumni: “Take part in everything. Seize every opportunity.”

The event kicked off with a film showing where the previous graduates are now:

Greg Dyke said:

We have a mantra here at the BFI when we say that talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t. And the future of our film industry absolutely rests on our ability to find that talent, wherever it may be in the UK. And when we find it, we must all support it.

You can watch the 12 graduation films from 2013-14 on BFI Player. Nearly 100 Film Academy films produced through the BFI Film Academy Network are available to watch on YouTube.

The BFI Film Academy is a UK-wide comprehensive training and education initiative. It ensure that gifted young people wherever they live have the opportunity to gain the essential skills to enter the film industry. An exemplary programme led by industry experts, BFI Film Academy courses cover every area of film and equips young people with the knowledge, practical skills and contacts to help them in their next steps in education or careers in the industry.

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