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  • 10 great epic documentaries

    In the world of non-fiction cinema, some subjects are too rich and complex to be done justice in a standard two-hour feature. With the simultaneous UK release of new films by two masters of the in-depth documentary, we feel the width of 10 more long-form greats.

    Michael Pattison
    Thursday 8 January 2015


  • BFI Film Academy films now available on YouTube

    Take a look at the films produced by filmmakers aged 16-19 on their BFI Film Academy courses.

    Wednesday 7 January 2015


  • The best DVDs and Blu-rays of 2014

    34 international critics and DVD curators nominate their five best releases of the year.

    Sight & Sound contributors
    Wednesday 7 January 2015

    Annual round-ups

  • Born in 1915: eight great British documentary filmmakers

    Born 100 years ago, these centenarians all deserve to be remembered as key players of British documentary in the mid-20th century.

    Patrick Russell , Steve Foxon
    Tuesday 6 January 2015


  • Eric Rohmer for beginners

    Everything you need to know when coming new to the beguiling world of French director Eric Rohmer, famous for his three great film series about love and relationships.

    David Parkinson
    Monday 5 January 2015


  • Archives online: Even coracles get the blues (1948-72)

    Thirza Wakefield digs through the Media Archive for Central England to find two visions of a dwindling family of coracle-makers on the River Severn.

    Thirza Wakefield
    Sunday 4 January 2015


  • New year’s resolutions for film fans

    What did you make as your film-related new year’s resolutions?

    Eleni Stefanou
    Friday 2 January 2015


  • Film of the week: Enemy

    Two Jakes: Gyllenhaal goes Janus-faced in Denis Villeneuve’s spidery adaptation of José Saramago’s The Double.

    Jason Anderson
    Friday 2 January 2015

    Reviews and recommendations

  • 10 great films about making a fresh start

    With the start of a new year, and the rerelease of Eric Rohmer’s masterpiece The Green Ray in cinemas, here are 10 more classic films that offer possible inspiration for turning over a new leaf and starting over.

    Samuel Wigley , Pamela Hutchinson , David Parkinson , Jemma Desai , Kendra Bean , Thirza Wakefield , Jonny Davies , Ashley Clark , Matthew Taylor , Simran Hans
    Thursday 1 January 2015


  • Holiday blues and the improvised magic of The Green Ray

    Starting to think about where you’ll go on your summer holiday? Spare a thought for the lonely heroine of Eric Rohmer’s sublime film The Green Ray, who spends an indecisive August flitting from one destination to another in search of contentment.

    Geoff Andrew
    Friday 26 December 2014


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