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  • Film of the week: Coco, Pixar’s vital dance with los muertos

    Lee Unkrich’s fabulous familial adventure finds its animating principle in Mexican cultural riches, with a reach that crosses our mortal divide, says Violet Lucca.

    Violet Lucca
    Monday 22 January 2018

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  • British films at Sundance 2018

    Keira Knightley as Colette and Idris Elba’s first film as director are among the UK offerings seeing world premieres at this year’s Sundance.

    Samuel Wigley
    Thursday 18 January 2018


  • In memory of Peter Wyngarde, debonair star behind Jason King

    From the ghostly face at the window in The Innocents to suave spy Jason King in cult TV series Department S, Peter Wyngarde cut an irreplaceable dash in British films and TV of the 1960s and 70s.

    David Parkinson
    Thursday 18 January 2018


  • 10 great films set in the prehistoric era

    Cavemen had cave paintings. We’ve got movies. Here are some of our favourites about our prehistoric past.

    Trevor Johnston
    Thursday 18 January 2018


  • The strangeness in the land: 40 years of Red Shift, the BBC’s classic Play for Today

    Based on Alan Garner’s novel, Red Shift spanned the centuries in its story of an ageless power in the English landscape. Forty years after its first broadcast, Adam Scovell remembers a British TV classic.

    Adam Scovell
    Wednesday 17 January 2018


  • Shooting the message #26: Raw London

    From experiments in 360 video to an award-winning campaign film about domestic abuse, Raw London is making waves in the world of agency filmmaking. In the latest in our series about the world of corporate filmmaking, curator Patrick Russell tells their story.

    Patrick Russell
    Tuesday 16 January 2018


  • Nick Park’s seven animation heroes

    Wallace & Gromit creator and animation legend Nick Park exclusively reveals seven animators whose work has inspired him.

    Samuel Wigley
    Monday 15 January 2018


  • Argento on Suspiria – a video inquiry

    The master of giallo looks back on his horror masterpiece at 40 in this celebratory video interview by Leigh Singer.

    Leigh Singer
    Friday 12 January 2018


  • 10 great films of 1998

    How time flies! These 10 films all celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

    Grace Barber-Plentie , Henry Barnes , Nikki Baughan , Chris Fennell , Charles Graham-Dixon , Katy McGahan , David Morrison , Christina Newland , Lou Thomas , Samuel Wigley
    Thursday 11 January 2018


  • The ugliest animation at Encounters 2017

    From ‘vandalised celluloid’ to a top-prize-winner co-credited to its own misdirected software, Bristol’s state-of-the-art showcase found British and international animation bulging with ideas, beauty… and its antithesis, reports Jez Stewart.

    Jez Stewart
    Wednesday 10 January 2018


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