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  • 10 great LGBT TV and online series

    As Cucumber, Banana and Tofu, the latest projects from Russell T. Davies, rake in the acclaim, we remember some of the best LGBT series of yesteryear.  
    Friday 23 January 2015

  • 10 great comedies of the 21st century

    As the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival rolls in to blow away the January blues once again, we decided it was time to take stock of some of the 21st century’s finest, funniest achievements in film comedy.
    Thursday 22 January 2015

  • Night Will Fall: the story of file number F3080

    In 1945, Allied forces filmed the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, but the shocking footage of what they found was subsequently shelved after the withdrawal of government support for the project. Nearly 70 years later, a new documentary tells the story of a vital memorial film that is finally seeing the light of day.
    Monday 15 September 2014

  • The day we teamed up with Wikipedia

    A marathon of Wikipedia editing at the BFI Reuben Library has enriched the online encyclopedia’s records relating to black and Asian British filmmaking.
    Tuesday 27 January 2015

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