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  • The Cinema Militans Lecture 2012: Semih Kaplanoglu

    The winner of the Berlinale Golden Bear (for 2010’s Honey (Bal)) sets out the seeds of his filmic meditations – from the pure cinema of Tarkovsky, Hitchcock and Weerasethakul to Sufism, Turkish village life and the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul.

    Semih Kaplanoglu
    Wednesday 7 November 2012


  • From the Magazine

    Self-made men

    Is the tension between performance and identity the secret heart of cinematic storytelling, wonders Brad Stevens?

    Brad Stevens
    Friday 2 November 2012


  • LFF blog: Further steps – two shorts turned to features

    This year’s LFF showcased two different northern features that blossomed from 2007-vintage short films. Dylan Cave talked double takes with their makers.

    Dylan Cave
    Monday 29 October 2012


  • LFF blog: Blow hard – Slavoj Žižek, sans handkerchief

    The philosopher-contrarian brought his stage shtick to the London Film Festival. Henry K. Miller packed his reality-revealing sunglasses but forgot the tissues.

    Henry K Miller
    Thursday 25 October 2012


  • London 2012: African round-up

    Three new daring – or debate-worthy – dramas from sub-Saharan Africa loom large on Basia Lewandowska Cummings’ festival card.

    Basia Lewandowska Cummings
    Wednesday 24 October 2012


  • LFF blog: Animation round-up

    Jez Stewart sees 14 animation companies take on Graham Chapman’s audio memoirs – and finds a trio of marvels in the International Animation Panorama.

    Jez Stewart
    Tuesday 23 October 2012


  • LFF 2012: Wolves vs giraffes! More animation for kids

    Japanese cross-breed fable Wolf Children and French transcontinental odyssey Zarafa made a curious festival double-bill for Sophie Mayer.

    Sophie Mayer
    Tuesday 23 October 2012


  • Wakamatsu Kôji, 1936-2012

    Young criminal, pink-film iconoclast and savage post-war social critic – “the most controversial filmmaker in Japan”; 1 April 1936–17 October 2012.

    Jasper Sharp
    Tuesday 23 October 2012


  • LFF 2012 blog: ‘Cult’ round-up

    Nick Hasted weighs up this year’s outré offerings.

    Nick Hasted
    Monday 22 October 2012


  • LFF blog: Civil wrongs

    Five new American documentaries hold up a mirror to the country’s recent marked failures of justice, finds Ashley Clark.

    Ashley Clark
    Friday 19 October 2012


191 - 200 of 354


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